About us

How it began

Much of life is marked by coincidences and uncertainties. So my partner and I , after many years of living together, led one of those conversations that men have learned to appreciate so much. No, not that kind of conversation . The Other.  And we came to a conclusion :

It is time for the pitter-patter of little feet in our apartment.

We thought about it very carefully. Some of the things that you should consider , I have compiled here . But eventually the matter was clear.

So we went to the animal shelter in Ludwigsburg and looked around. We knew after all that we wanted a medium-sized dog, a short haired one, not a barker and not a drooler. Everything else we did not care , we just wanted to see which dog touches our heart. After a short time we got pencil and paper and began the passage again. Ultimately , almost every dog has something appealing , if you look hard enough .

Some of these dogs had experienced terrible things, some had come to the shelter out of ridiculous reasons . However, we tried to ignored these things in our search . Pity is not necessarily the ideal foundation for a relationship .

First choice

Judith 2004Judith was the first and only dog we took for a walk.  The keeper had to carry Judith out the kennel because she was so scared , and we had work our way with treats meter by meter from the shelter grounds , but outside they then thawed and we had a nice walk together.
We went a second time for a walk together , then took her home for a day, but our decision was already made actually after the first walk . And this decision we never regretted . Judith was our first teacher about dogs, and she was a wonderful dog .

Shelter festival

Emma stolzAbout one year later we visited the autumn festival of the shelter Ludwigsburg. This was a tactical error , even if the feasts of the shelter are always worth a visit . Only : This time a little black creatures scurried around there that took our hearts by storm. How could the shelter manager be so unfair to put little Emma simply in my arm. I stood no chance – and I was not the only one.  Fortunately, Emma is still a heartbreaker to this day and has a real ” fan club” .

Therapy Dog

Katja beim SpielWhen Judith died completely surprising and much too young, our world shattered into pieces. Katja came with so many problems and  needed such a lot of attention and care that she helped us to handle Judith’s death. She was so in two ways a therapy dog ​​: she dearly needed a fear and trauma therapy , and she therapied our mourning for Judith . Meanwhile, we are rewarded every day for our decision.